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    Public Folders Overview

    Public folders can be used to share a wide range of information, such as project and work information, discussions about a general subject, or class assignments.  Public folders are stored on the Exchange Server.  Public folders have access permissions to determine who can view, create, and modify items in the folders.

    1. Click Public Folders in the Navigation Pane.
    2. Beside Public Folders, click the triangle to expand the display of the public folders or sub-folders.
    3. To open a public folder, click it.  The posted messages contained in that public folder are displayed.

    The Bulletin Board

    1. The Bulletin Board is a public folder (look for folder BulletinBd) used to post messages of general interest to Southwestern Illinois College’s faculty and staff.
    2. Types of messages that should be posted to the BulletinBd are Vacancy Announcements, items for sale, and non-work related notices.
    3. To post a message, simply address your email to BulletinBd.
    4. Messages are automatically deleted after two weeks.

    Accessing Public Folders via Outlook Web App (OWA)

    1. Go to and login.
    2. Right click Favorites
    3. Click on ‘Add Public Folders to Favorites’
    4. Highlight the Public Folder you need to add
    5. Click on ‘Add to Favorites’ in the top
    6. Click on the ‘X’ out to the right (same row as the ‘Add to Favorites’) when you are done adding folders.

    Accessing Public Folders with the Desktop Client

    1. If you look at the bottom left of your desktop, you will see a row of icons:
    2. Clicking on the ellipsis (dot dot dot) will produce a drop down menu.  Select Folders to see the public folders to which you have permissions.
    3. To add a public folders to Favorites, where you Inbox and Sent Items are displayed, do the following.
    4. Open up Public Folders and then All Public Folders to see the complete list.
    5. Right click the folder you wish to add to your Favorites and select Add to Favorites.
    6. Click Add. This will add the Public Folder to the Favorites under Public Folders.
    7. Right click on the Public Folder that you just added to the Favorites section and select Show in Favorites.
    8. Click on the Mail View on the bottom left hand side.  Open up Favorites at the very top of the left pane to see the Public Folder in Favorites.
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