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    IMPORTANT: It is up to your instructor to make the My Grades tool available to you. Questions regarding grades should be directed to your instructor.

    Your instructor has control over the design of your course. This tutorial is only an example of what your course may look like.

    You can access your grades by clicking the My Grades link.

    You may also access your grades by clicking on the Tools link in your Menu, then click on My Grades.                                                                                           

    My Grade Display

    This display shows your current
    Grade, Calculated Grades, Graded Items, Submitted Items, and Upcoming Test and

    Grade Display

    To view the details of your grade, click on the test or assignment title.

    Once you select the assignment or test, you may view the attempt details. If your instructor has given you access to view your test, you may click on your score to open and view the test questions and your responses.  This option is at the discretion of your instructor.

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