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    Tuition & Fees

    Click HERE to visit the Student Accounts Tuition & Fees page.

    Please see the next section for class search instructions to see if the course/class may have any additional fees.

    Class Search – Find Course/Class Fees

    1. Go to eSTORM
      1. You don’t have to be logged in to do a class search
    2. Click on the Class Search icon:
      1. ClassSearch1
    3. Enter the minimum search criteria, then click Search:
    4. In your search results, find the class you may want to enroll in. Click the blue link under Class or Section:
    5. Detailed information about the class is displayed; see the Course Class Fees section for additional fees for that class:
    6. To search for another class, click the Class Search button in the upper left:

    Where can I find more help?

    Please click HERE for Student Accounts help.

    Please click HERE for Technology Assistance.

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