Substance Abuse - Southwestern Illinois College

Southwestern Illinois College is dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment for students, employees and visitors. The college recognizes alcohol and other drug abuse as debilitating illnesses affecting a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Substance abuse impairs both academic and vocational performance. As a result of the unhealthy and unsafe effects of alcohol and other drug abuse, SWIC believes the unlawful possession, sale and use of illicit drugs and the unlawful use of alcohol are wrong and harmful.


Employees, students and visitors at SWIC are prohibited from possessing or using any illegal or controlled drug or substance in either refined or crude form, except under the direction of a licensed physician. Those who violate any provision of federal or state law pertaining to the manufacture, possession, purchase, sale or use of illegal or controlled drugs on college property will be referred to the appropriate civil authority.

Possession and use of intoxicants on SWIC campuses is prohibited, except as permitted under Board of Trustees Policy 7015/Administrative Policy, as amended. Irresponsible behavior, attributed to the influence of intoxicants, to include underage drinking, is not condoned. The behavior will be subject to actions by civil authorities and the college, based upon current policies.


Employees and students also may be subject to college disciplinary action. Students are subject to the loss of financial aid, mandatory referral to counseling/ treatment, notification to the appropriate civil authority for prosecution and possible expulsion.

Smoking Policy

SWIC, in accordance with the Smoke Free Illinois Act and the Illinois Smoke Free Campus Act, prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products, to include smokeless, e-cigarettes or other devices that simulate visual, sensory and behavioral aspects of smoking, in all college-owned buildings, on all college-owned property, within all spaces leased by the college and in all college-owned, rented or leased vehicles.

See our Tobacco-Free Campus page.

Higher Education Act, Section 120 Requirements

Description of drug and alcohol-abuse education program required under the Higher Education Act, Section 120 is published in the Southwestern Illinois College Student Handbook.