Blackboard Password - Southwestern Illinois College

What is my Blackboard Password?

Your Blackboard password is the same as your eSTORM password.  When you need to change your Blackboard password, you must go to eSTORM to do so and change them both at the same time.  eSTORM will update your Blackboard password for you, keeping them in sync.

How do I change my Blackboard Password?

If you know your Blackboard password and simply need to change it, log into eSTORM then find and click on “Password Change” in the left-hand navigation of eSTORM.  Follow the steps to change your password.

Forgot your Blackboard Password?

If you have forgotten your Blackboard and eSTORM password, go to the eSTORM homepage and click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the process to reset your password to a default.  Be sure to log in to eSTORM and then update the default to a permanent password.  This last step is what updates your Blackboard password.