Quarantine Talent Show Rules - Southwestern Illinois College

Project initiated by Graphic Communications student Gabrielle Andruska.

Thank you for submitting your talent, donations and votes!

Winners will be announced as soon as we calculate the results!

How to Donate to Vote!

Calling all SWIC students! If you have a talent, we want to see it!

Get creative, make a video, or send us photos of your art!

Submit a video or photo of your talent for a chance to win quarantine survival prizes!!!

All talents will be accepted if they are appropriate, submitted by a current student, and follow the contest rules.

Donate to Vote

You don’t have to donate to participate; however, it’s encouraged.

All donations will go into a COVID-19 Allied Health Scholarship Fund. Funds will be evenly disbursed to student(s) in health related programs.

Every $5+ donation will give you a chance to vote for your favorite talent.

Share with family and friends!

Not sure what to do? No problem!

Here’s some examples of what you could do


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photo manipulation
  • Speed drawing
  • Graphic design
  • Digital Artistry
  • Fashion design


  • Singing
  • Acapella
  • Instrumental
  • Dubstep
  • Music mixes
  • Original songs
  • Covers


  • Comedy
  • Acting
  • Video editing
  • Card tricks
  • Magic
  • Improv
  • Dance

Contest Rules

  • You must be a student to enter.
  • Only 1 submission per student. If you submit more then one entry we will judge only the most recent submission and all other submissions will be void.
  • Images must be no more than 5MB in size and clearly show talent as the primary focus.
  • Check the background of your image.
  • If you are videotaping on a phone keep it horizontal.
  • Videos must be under 3 minutes.
  • Videos must be no more than 8MB in size and clearly show talent as the primary focus.
  • Audio files will not be accepted.
  • Please be safe.
  • Dangerous stunts are not allowed.
  • Do not attempt anything beyond your skill set.
  • Please keep your act family-friendly. No swearing. No mention of violence, drugs, or abusive material. Please wear modest clothing and make sure the background of your scene is clear of any inappropriate items.
  • Submission must maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Submission can be something new or something the submitter did/created while in Illinois stay at home orders.
  • Student needs to be the main act.
  • Make sure not to use images, videos, or sounds that might be copyrighted. You must own all rights to the art, audio, videos, or photos in the submission.
  • If you are not the only person involved, you must have permission from all participants to post.

Important dates


July 17th

Submission form will open on July 17th.

Voting and Donations

September 30th

Donate to Vote ends midnight on September 30th.


October 2nd

Winners announced via social media and website.


October 2nd

Directions to collect prize emailed to winners.


Category Prizes

The prize is a basket filled with essential goods for your home!

There will be three winners in each category.

1st place will get a large quarantine survival basket filled with SWIC swag and hard to find quarantine item(s)!

2nd place will get a medium sized quarantine survival basket with amazing prizes and SWIC swag!

3rd place will get a small quarantine survival basket, prizes are still exciting!

Donation Vote Prize

If you donate $5 or more to the COVID-19 Allied Health Scholarship Fund you will be able to vote on your favorite act. The entry with the most votes will receive a medium sized quarantine survival basket!

Donations and Vote submissions will close midnight on 9/30.

Baskets may include: T-shirt, Hand Sanitizers, TP, face mask, SWIC merch, snacks,
candy, and/or other quarantine survival items.


Submissions will be judged in your choice of one of these three categories, with these requirements below.

There will be a team of 7 impartial judges of faculty, staff, and students.

The scale will be on a 1-10 rating.

Music Judging Criteria

Singing, Instrumental, Original songs, 30 sec Covers, Acapella, Dubstep, etc…

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Effort
  • Quality
  • Organization
  • Presentation
  • Overall Appeal
  • Category Judging
    • Sound
    • Timing
    • Performance

Artistic Judging Criteria

Drawing/painting in any medium, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Clay Modeling, Fashion Design, etc…

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Effort
  • Quality
  • Organization
  • Presentation
  • Overall Appeal
  • Category Judging
    • Contrast
    • Composition
    • Color Theory

Performance Judging Criteria

Acting, Magic, Skits, Comedy, Pet performances, improv, etc…

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Effort
  • Quality
  • Organization
  • Presentation
  • Overall Appeal
  • Category Judging
    • Confidence
    • Showmanship
    • Performance