Journalism Pre-Major

Journalism is the collection and periodical dissemination of current news and events or, more strictly speaking, the business of managing, editing or writing for journals or newspapers. The application of the term "journalism" has broadened to include news reporting and commentaries on a wide variety of electronic media. Courses in the Journalism program examine the idea of news, the methods and techniques of news writing, types of journalistic stories and publications, news judgment and ethical issues in journalism. With writing assignments that emphasize clarity and impact, some courses also apply practical research methods (including interviewing), copy editing, and the principals and techniques of electronic editing, information management, and publication design.

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Educational Program

Refer to the suggested curriculum and the graduation requirements as a guide for completing this program.

Career Opportunities

Because of the disciplines emphasis on critical thinking and reasoning and on achieving a level of sophistication and knowledge in both the reading and writing of texts, literature majors are ideal candidates for the following jobs

  • Elementary and Secondary Teacher
  • Editor/Writer
  • Journalist/Fact Checker
  • Technical Writer
  • Marketing/Advertising/Sales
  • Communications Specialist
  • Non-Profit/Community Organization
  • Customer Service

In addition, literature major/minor can be an ideal way to help prepare for graduate programs in the humanities or social sciences as well as law school.

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