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Prepare for a Writing Career with Journalism

Are you a news junky? Do you love to find out what’s happening and spread the word? If so, then you’re probably a journalist at heart.

In the SWIC Associate in Arts Journalism pre-major program, you will examine the idea of news, the methods and techniques of news writing, types of journalistic stories and publications, news judgment and ethical issues in journalism. The program focuses on news reporting and commentaries for a wide variety of print and electronic media.

Develop Valuable Skills

  • Writing for clarity and impact
  • Research methods
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Copy editing principles
  • Electronic editing techniques
  • Information management
  • Publication design

Career Opportunities

Many organizations value the skills of journalists. While you will be prepared to report news, you will also be prepared for other careers. Below are some of the most common jobs that list journalism as one of the possible ​degrees or experience required.

  • Communications specialist
  •  Editor/writer
  • Journalist/fact checker
  • Marketing/advertising/sales
  • Public relations specialist
  • Social media specialist
  • Technical writer  

Core Courses for the Journalism Pre-major

  • JOUR 101 Introduction to Journalism
  • JOUR 110 Introduction to News Editing
  • JOUR 150 Intro to Newspaper Publication
  • MCOM 201 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • ART 116 Photography I
  • POLS 150 Intro to American Government

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