Red Bud Industries - Southwestern Illinois College

Red Bud Industries is the top manufacturer of Coil Processing Equipment with Cut-To-Length Lines, Multi Blanking, Light and Heavy Gage Slitting Lines, and Stretcher Levelers found in operation in all the major world markets processing virtually every type of material imaginable. Throughout the industry, Red Bud Industries is known for pioneering, developing, and producing state-of-the-art Coil Processing Equipment. With a modern manufacturing complex of over 200,000 square feet (18,581 square meters), Red Bud Industries possesses the manufacturing capacity and prowess to produce some of the largest and most complex Coil Processing Systems available anywhere in the world.
An experienced and dedicated staff of professionals design, manufacture, assemble, test, and service all the equipment we build. Unlike many other manufacturers, we do not subcontract the design and construction of our equipment. We actually build what we sell. This dedication to service on every level provides the quality and craftsmanship needed to address the most stringent customer standards.