Emergency Medical Technician Certificate - Southwestern Illinois College

Course Sequence

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate

The Emergency Medical Technician Certificate consists of a single course, EMS 110 – Emergency Medical Technician.

This is an 8-credit-hour course with 4 hours of lecture time and 6 hours of lab time, which can be completed in one semester. During this course, students will learn emergency treatment procedures both in a classroom setting and in clinical practice at area hospitals. Students will experience 24 hours of observation in an emergency room. EMS 110 is offered at the Belleville, Sam Wolf Granite City and Red Bud campuses as well as various off-campus sites.

Course Information

Spring and Fall Semesters

During both the spring and fall semesters, EMS 110 is offered in a 16-week format. Typically, there are 5 or more sections of the class at a variety of times and days of the week to accommodate student schedules.

Summer Semester

During the summer semester, EMS 110 is offered in an 8-week format. There are typically fewer sections available and students should be aware that summer semester classes may be more challenging.