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Web Design Certificate (011E)

Online Certificate Option

The web design program offers an online certificate option as well as the traditional on-campus classroom format. The certificate curriculum is below.

Total Credits: 24

Course Number

Course Description Credits
CIS 171 Computer Graphics – Adobe Illustrator CC 3
CIS 172 Photo Manipulation – Adobe Photoshop CC 3
CIS 174 Web Fundamentals I – HTML5 3
CIS 176 Web Fundamentals II – Advanced HTML5/CSS 3
CIS 177 Web Development I – JavaScript 3
CIS 180 Introduction to Programming 3
CIS 212 Web Development II – Advanced JavaScript 3
CIS 257 Electronic Publishing – Adobe InDesign CC 3

Some courses have prerequisites. Refer to the Course Catalog or Class Search link in eSTORM for a full course description.