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Flight Training for Career or Personal Use

Helicopter pilot training in flight.

If you want an exciting career, train to become an airline or commercial pilot.

If you want the best flight training in the St. Louis region at an affordable cost, fill out the form on the Contact page to get in touch with us.

The SWIC aviation pilot program offers value you won’t find at other flight schools.

What can you do with a Aviation Pilot Training Degree?

Become an airline or commercial pilot or with a private pilot certificate you can get your FAA license and fly by yourself.

Why Choose SWIC?

Great Start at a Great Price

Flight school is an investment, but SWIC can save you a significant amount on the cost of becoming a professional pilot compared to other institutions. Upon completion of SWIC pilot training you can transfer to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Four year degree from SIUC at SWIC

SWIC has partnered with Southern Illinois University Carbondale for a seamless continuation of your training toward a bachelor degree. Upon completion of the Associate in Applied Science degree program, you will return to the same SWIC campus to begin your junior year at SIUC.

Through this partnership, the tuition cost of your junior and senior year at SIUC on the SWIC Belleville Campus will be reduced by approximately 25 percent. You will also save on travel or relocation costs to attend SIUC. Overall, your costs earning a bachelor’s degree will be reduced by more than 60 percent.

What Will I Learn?

Course Topics

  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Private Pilot Flight Theory
  • Commercial Pilot Flight Theory
  • Flight Instructor Theory
  • Instrument Flight Theory
  • Instrument Flight Training
  • Multi-Engine Flight Theory
  • Multi-Engine Flight Training
  • Simulator Training
  • Simulator Instrument Training

Areas Of Study

Private Pilot Training

Complete the requirements to obtain your private pilot certificate in as little as one semester.

Professional Pilot License Programs

The one-year Aviation Pilot Training Certificate will qualify you to fly commercially.

The two-year Associate degree expands upon the certificate and prepares you to transfer for a four-year degree.

Helicopter Pilot Training

Southwestern Illinois College is excited to offer Illinois’ only collegiate helicopter training program to students interested in pursuing a career as a professional helicopter pilot.

Flight training is offered in conjunction with our Aviation Pilot Training program which prepares you with the skills needed to excel in the world of aviation. Private Pilot Rotorcraft/Helicopter, Commercial/ Instrument Rotorcraft Helicopter, Certified Flight Instructor & Certified Flight Instructor Instrument are the flight certificates that may be achieved during the course of the Associate in Applied Science program.

FAA Approved Training

FAA Logo

SWIC is an FAA-approved flight school for ground and simulator training under the Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141. Flight training is provided under FAR Part 61. Certification covers single engine, multi-engine and instrument ratings.  For helicopter, both flight and ground training is approved under FAR Part 141. The Flight and Ground for Helicopter training is approved for college credit under Part 141 through an agreement with Ideal Aviation  a Part 141 School Certificate Holder for Helicopter Training.



Lectures are held at the Belleville Campus.

Training Facilities

SWIC partners with Ideal Aviation, an aviation school in Sauget, IL, to offer flight practices courses.

Aviation Resources

Licensure Pass Rates

The FAA Does Not Make This Data Available.

Licensure Pass Rates

According to the FAA 2021 Annual Statistics

  • Commercial Pilot Airplane 96.81%
  • Commercial Pilot Helicopter 98.04%
  • Private Pilot Airplane 89.86%
  • Private Pilot Helicopter 94.61%

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