Marketing Degree and Certificates - Southwestern Illinois College

Degree Program

Marketing Associate in Applied Science Degree

The SWIC Marketing Associate in Applied Science degree prepares students for a marketing career in consumer and business product sales, retail sales management, merchandising and customer service.

There is an emphasis on marketing for small business and e-Marketing, also called digital marketing. Students with experience in an industry may qualify for marketing supervisor positions upon graduation within that industry.

Small-business owners looking to groom employees for marketing positions may find the curriculum particularly useful. The marketing courses required for the two-year marketing degree include courses that prepare students for both traditional and digital marketing.

Accelerated Degree Option

Anyone who has completed an associate or bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college may earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in Marketing by completing at least 27 semester credit hours of program-related course work.

A plan of specific courses required for the AAS Marketing degree must be obtained from the program coordinator and approved by the Dean of the Business Division and the Vice President for Instruction.

Only those courses completed at Southwestern Illinois College, and not included as part of the requirements for a previously earned degree or certificate, can be considered for this option. Students must meet all institutional requirements for the Associate in Applied Science degree.

For information about the Accelerated Degree option, please contact Dawn Peters at 618-235-2700, ext. 5487,

Certificate Programs

Marketing Certificate

The courses for the Marketing Certificate cover topics required for any successful marketing program in today’s business world. The certificate provides recognition for completing this core course of study.

Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital marketing courses and website basics are the focus of the Digital Marketing Certificate. The certificate requires only five courses with a total of 11 credit hours. This program, which also covers basic Web design and HTML, is ideal for experienced business people who want to update their skills and business owners who want to expand their marketing efforts with a website, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Social Media/E-Marketing Certificate

This certificate provides an opportunity for students to gain recognition for completing a core course of study in marketing. The certificate will benefit students in two-year, non-business programs as well as four-year students who wish to enhance their skill set with marketing coursework.


Internships can enhance a student’s résumé, particularly if the student does not have experience in his or her chose field of study. You do not need to be registered in a class to participate in an internship although some employers do require a course.

This degree program does not require an internship but you can receive advice about finding a suitable internship by contacting the degree program coordinator. Students should have a minimum of nine semester credits of marketing coursework completed before beginning a marketing internship.