Community Health Worker - Southwestern Illinois College

Enroll in April for Fall Classes and October for Spring Classes.

Students must apply and be formally accepted into the Community Health Worker program prior to enrolling in any CHW program courses.

Enrollment Requirements:

To enroll in Community Health classes, students must demonstrate readiness for college-level English (ENG 97) and math (MATH 95). Students must show proof of high school transcript or GED. To obtain information about readiness, visit an academic advisor.  

Students should be aware they must pass a criminal background check and drug testing to participate in required clinical experience courses. Additionally, students must present current vaccination records meeting the program’s contracted clinical site requirements.  

Program Capacity

Belleville Campus

The Community Health program has capacity for approximately 20 students admitted each semester at the East St. Louis Campus or online. Seats available are dependent on clinical availability. 

Program Location

The Community Health program consists of CHW-prefix courses and assigned clinical internships. Specific locations depend on the course. 

  1. The CHW courses are offered at the East St. Louis Campus or online. 
  1. Clinical experiences may be scheduled during the day, evening, night, and/or weekends at hospital, clinic, or privately-owned facilities throughout Illinois and in the St. Louis region. Students may be required to travel outside of the college district for clinical practicum courses. Specific clinical placement cannot be guaranteed, and specific clinical schedules may be changes during courses. Students are responsible for their own transportation and attendance to any of the classes and clinical practicums assigned by the program. 

Program Cost

Community Health Worker program

For details, see the CHW cost sheet

Financial Assistance is available!

SWIC Financial Aid Office

Financial aid is available subject to financial need and satisfactory academic progress requirements set by the college.

The student work program does not require financial aid eligibility.

SWIC Foundation

The SWIC Foundation offers more than 200 scholarships based on residency, enrollment and GPA criteria.

Time Commitment

CHW courses are offered online or at the East Saint Louis Campus. CHW is a one-semester certificate in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Employment Requirements

Regulations vary from state to state, but certification is highly recommended because many employers require it within one year after graduation. Currently Illinois does not require certification to be employed.

CHW handbook

The CHW Handbook is available to review by perspective students and anyone else interested.

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Dr. Ashley Becker