Medical Assistant Enrollment Requirements - Southwestern Illinois College

Students are required to meet with the program coordinator to enroll in the Medical Assistant program. Contact 618-235-2700 ext. 5332 or

Students must be eligible for ENG 101 and MATH 95 to enroll in the program. All students must contact Academic Advising ( to determine placement testing needs. The placement test identifies skill levels in math, reading, and writing. Students must score high enough to be eligible to enroll in ENG 101 and MATH 95. If placement test results are too low, students must complete required developmental courses prior to enrolling in ENG 101, BIOL 105, PSYC 151, COMM 151, and MGMT 214.

Other Requirements

The following criteria are required of accepted applicants, and all information will be explained in detail at program orientation meetings.

Orientation & Performance:

Students in the Medical Assistant program must attend all required orientation sessions and be able to perform essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations. Applicants and enrolled students are encouraged to meet with the Disability & Access Center to discuss potential issues associated with meeting these requirements.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance is required during clinical education courses. Students are personally responsible for any costs incurred for injuries occurring during their clinical experience.

Medical Requirements:

These requirements do not have to be fulfilled until they are explained at the orientation meeting. MA students will be required to show proof of current CPR certification at the Healthcare Provider level, immunizations, TB test and physical examination before beginning any clinical experience. To request a medical and/or religious exemption, please contact the program coordinator.

Background Checks and Drug Testing:

Background check and drug testing are required.

A list of disqualifying convictions is available from the Illinois Department of Public Health website. Students with convictions must possess a waiver from the IDPH to participate in the program.

Drug testing will identify illegal and prescription drugs. If results are positive, the student must provide proof of prescription in his or her own name in order to pass the drug test. Medical marijuana, which is not FDA approved, is also considered a positive drug testing result.

Graduation Requirements:

Students in the program must follow the requirements for graduation at the time they are admitted and must meet all course, program, degree and sequencing requirements specified. Students are responsible for program policies as listed in each year’s MA Student Handbook. Students who fail to meet program specific requirements will be dropped from the program and may be required to re-apply and compete for admission in the succeeding semester.