General Education - Medical Assistant - Southwestern Illinois College

General Education Courses

Although completion of general education courses is not required, it does enhance points on the application, which is preferred if there are more candidates than seats available.

Points can be earned for completion of the following courses with a “B” or better:

  • BIOL 105 – Human Biology
  • ACCT 105 – Basic Accounting Procedures or ACCT 110 – Financial Accounting
  • ENG 101 – Rhetoric & Composition I
  • PSYC 151 – General Psychology
  • COMM 151 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking or COMM 155 – Interpersonal Communication
  • MGMT 213 – Human Relations in the Workplace
  • MGMT 214 – Principles of Management
  • *Approved elective
  • **Human relations elective

* See College Catalog – Medical Assistant program for the most current list of approved electives.

** See College Catalog – Associate in Applied Science degree requirements for the most current list of human relations courses.

Note: Courses completed with a “D” or lower will not meet graduation requirements.