Nursing Education Degree - Southwestern Illinois College

Course Sequence

Acceptance to the program is required before an applicant will be permitted to register for nursing courses.

Nursing Education Degree

Nursing Education Associate in Applied Science Degree (0025) Course Sequence

This is a 68.5-credit-hour, two-year accredited degree consisting of:

  • 28 credit hours of general education courses
  • 40.5 credit hours of Nursing Education courses

The curriculum includes basic sciences, general education and professional courses with clinical education performed at affiliate hospitals.

Course Information

General Education Courses

General education courses can be completed prior to admission. These courses can be taken at the Belleville, Sam Wolf Granite City or Red Bud campuses or online. If general education courses are not completed prior to admission, they must be completed during the semesters indicated above.

Nursing Education Courses

The Nursing Education program courses begin each summer semester for the generic and LPN Bridge/Advanced Standing applicants accepted in the program. These courses are offered only at the Belleville Campus during the day. View the course sequence.

Accepted applicants must also complete Medical Terminology (either HRO 100, one credit hour, or HRO 160, three credits) before the fall semester of admission.

Clinical Education Experiences

Clinical experiences are completed off campus in various practice settings. Students may be required to travel outside the college district for clinical experiences and are required to complete Background check and drug testing prior to beginning clinicals. Clinical experience begins in the fall semester of the first year, except the LPN Bridge/Advanced Standing program, in which clinical experience starts in the summer semester. Specific clinical placement cannot be guaranteed.