Agriculture in today’s world is a business – planning, production and marketing of agriculture products and supplies.

One out of every four jobs in Illinois is related to growing, processing and transporting food products.

Students who enter the field of agriculture have many career opportunities, including new, non-traditional careers in technology driven areas.

For more information about the Agriculture Program, please contact Program Coordinator Kurt Range at 618-222-2700, ext. 5135 or

Educational Program

Associate in Science Degree (0002) – Agriculture Pre-Major

Career Opportunities

A variety of careers are open to students who graduate with an bachelor’s degree in Agriculture including:

Farm Manager



Forestry Technician

Fish and Game Warden

Animal Trainer


Crop/Soil Conservationist

Park Ranger


Conservation Agent

Floral Designer

Wildlife Manager

Plant Geneticist/Breeder

Agricultural Researcher/Developer

Agricultural Economist

Animal Management

Agribusiness Manager

Grain Merchandiser

Food Safety Inspector

Agricultural Product Retailer/Salesperson

High School Teacher

Agricultural Scientist

Cereal Chemist

Equine Management