English pre-major program - Southwestern Illinois College

The discipline of English is more than just the language we speak every day.


While it is difficult to define English (because of its becoming an increasingly fragmented field of study), the English pre-major at SWIC can best be described as a discipline that prepares students for a more advanced study of linguistics, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, literature and literary criticism, cultural studies, English education, and professional writing and communications. Courses in English are designed to help students become more sophisticated and knowledgeable critical readers of written, oral and visual texts, as well as to help students produce more sophisticated written, oral, and visual texts of their own.


Eligible students who need to improve their reading and writing skills can take a developmental English class and English 101 Rhetoric & Composition I at the same time with the Accelerated Learning Program.


For instructional use and development, browse this work-and-share of curricular resources to assist in the curriculum development of a writing and reading intensive, technically focused, developmental English course.



Because of the discipline’s emphasis on critical thinking and reasoning and on achieving a level of sophistication and knowledge in both the reading and writing of texts, English majors are ideal candidates for the following jobs:

  • Elementary and Secondary Teacher
  • Editor/Writer
  • Journalist/Fact Checker
  • Technical Writer
  • Marketing/Advertising/Sales
  • Communications Specialist
  • Non-Profit/Community Organization
  • Customer Service

In addition, an English major/minor can be an ideal way to help prepare for graduate programs in the humanities or social sciences as well as law school.


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