Pre-Dentistry - Southwestern Illinois College

Dentists focus on maintaining oral health through such preventive and repair practices as extracting, filling, cleaning or replacing teeth; performing corrective work, such as straightening teeth; treating diseased tissue of the gums; performing surgical operations on the jaw or mouth; and making and fitting false teeth. To be a dentist, one must attend dental school after graduating from college. Most dental schools require applicants to pass the DAT, or Dental Admissions Test, which tests a student’s ability to succeed in dental school.

Individuals interested in pursuing dentistry as a career should also note the importance of manual dexterity and scientific ability. Skilled, steady hands are necessary, as well as good space and shape judgment and artistic and creative ability. Good vision is required because of the detailed work. Individuals should also possess a love of learning since advances in dental research require dentists to continue their education throughout their careers.


Refer to the suggested curriculum and the graduation requirements as a guide for completing this program.

Associate in Science Degree (0002) – Pre-Dentistry Pre-Major