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The Local Need

The Need in Belleville

The Illinois State Board of Education 2015 annual school report
card stated:

  • More than 50 percent of school students in Belleville are living
    in poverty.
  • Some schools reported levels as high as 80 percent.

Meeting the Need

Belleville AmeriCorps members assist students through individualized tutoring and after-school and out-of-school-time activities that help with the skills necessary for academic success.

We help schools provide intervention to as many as 50 percent more students. We are vital to the academic success of these students.

Belleville School Districts 118 & 175

  • Abraham Lincoln School
  • Central Jr. High School
  • Douglas School
  • Franklin School
  • Henry Raab School
  • Jefferson School
  • Roosevelt School
  • Union School
  • Washington School
  • Westhaven School
  • West Jr. High School
  • Ellis School
  • Emge School

Neighborhood Associations, After-School Programs

  • Franklin Neighborhood Community Association
  • Harmony Neighborhood Association
  • 17th Street Corridor Neighborhood Association