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The Career Services Department at Southwestern Illinois College, along with The Illinois workNet Center and WIOA offer the services below to the community AND employers for FREE!

Career Services for the Community

How Can We Help You?

  • Job Search and Placement
  • Career and Interest Assessments
  • Resume and Cover Letters
  • Interview Prep
  • Apprenticeships
  • FREE College (see WIOA at bottom of page)

To Set up Services

Contact Career Services at 618-222-5562 or .

Feel free to walk in and see us anytime during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, at the Belleville Campus.

We also serve Granite City, Red Bud and East St. Louis Campus.

Call ahead scheduling is required for those campus locations. We also visit the Illinois workNet center (see icon listed at the bottom of the page for more information).

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We post several job postings, upcoming events such as job fairs, and other helpful information about possible free courses and more:

Employer Services

Job Postings

We encourage employers to send us their open job positions, and then we post those on our campus wide job boards, social media, and refer any incoming clients who may be interested! 

Please send your open job posting to You can also register with College Central Network and post your jobs there where students and the community can see and apply for your open positions.

See below post card for more details.

Recruitment Tables

Another great opportunity is on campus recruitment!

All you need to do is fill out the below “Rev. Employer Recruitment Table Request Form” and email it back to .

Job Fairs

We also hold job fairs throughout the year where employers can set up tables to advertise their open positions. 

The best way to be notified on this is to make sure and be signed up for College Central Network! See below post card for more details.

Apprenticeships & On the Job Training

The future of workforce development is work-based learning, a concurrent system of classroom instruction and hands-on experience.

In addition to coordinating applied learning opportunities such as internships, job shadowing, and career exploration, Southwestern Illinois College is a registered sponsor of apprenticeship programs in a variety of occupational sectors through the federal Department of Labor.

On average, employers who utilize registered apprenticeship as a tool for building talent pipelines experience a 47 percent return on investment, through reduced onboarding, better retention, and greater efficiencies achieved through robust training standards.

For information about ways the apprenticeship model can work for you as an employer, contact Workforce Development Director Mike Conley at (618) 641-5193,

For information about any other service not listed above,

please contact Career Services at 618-222-5562 or

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