Common eSTORM Error Messages - Southwestern Illinois College

    The Current Password does not match the actual password. (48, 18)

    1. If you reset your password using the “Forgot Password?” link, make sure you are entering the default password in the Current Password field.
    2. Otherwise, the Current Password will be the password you currently use for eSTORM, and wish to change.
    3. Some browsers will save passwords, and your browser could be saving the incorrect password. Make sure you type all passwords and do not rely on the browser (especially if you are on a shared or public computer).

    The Confirm Password field does not match the New Password field.

    The passwords you typed in the New Password field and the Confirm Password field do not match, and they need to match for the password change to happen.

    This enables the system to verify that you’ve entered it correctly.

    To change your password, go to “My System Profile”

    Please clear your cache – directions can be found here. Then try again.

    We did not find a match for that combination…

    Full message: “We did not find a match for that combination of student ID number, Social Security number and date of birth or your date of birth indicates you are under 13 years of age.

    If you receive the above message, please try the following:

    1. Remember to enter all three pieces of information
    2. Make sure the information you are entering is correct
    3. When entering your SSN and student ID, make sure you are not entering spaces/dashes
    4. When entering your DOB, make sure you are entering it exactly like the example – MM/DD/YYYY

    If you are still receiving the above error message, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at 618-222-7942 or Enrollment Services at 618-222-5455 to verify your information is correct in the system (please don’t email this information).

    A new password cannot be sent as no email address was found

    Full error message:

    You are clicking on the wrong link to reset your eSTORM password; this link is for My SWIC Share users.

    Please click on the “Forgot Password?” link for students:

    Your password does not contain 1 special characters. (48, 38)

    Your password must contain at least one of the following special characters:

    !    @   #   $   %   *   (   )   ?   _

    Your password must contain 1 digits. (48, 39)

    Your password must contain at least one digit, 0 – 9.

    Password has been previously used. (48, 287)

    You have used this password before. Password history is retained for security purposes. Please choose another password.

    Password cannot contain username.

    For security purposes, your password cannot contain your username/user ID, which is your student ID number.

    Password cannot contain your first name. (2000, 316)

    Your password cannot contain your first name for security purposes.

    Password must not contain last name. (2000, 317)

    Your password cannot contain your last name for security purposes.

    Your password must be at least 8 characters long. (48, 34)

    Your password must be at least 8 characters long.

    Password length exceeded. (2000, 323)

    Your password can have no more than 16 characters.

    Field is required. (15, 8)

    There is an empty field on the page, and a value must be entered.

    You must accept the Terms and Conditions.

    Make sure the slider to accept the Terms and Conditions is set to Yes.

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