Employee Email on a Smart Phone/Tablet - Southwestern Illinois College

    iPhone’s and Email via Settings

    If you use the default email app on your iPhone, please follow these set-up directions:

    1. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Add Account
    2. Tap Microsoft Exchange:
    3. Enter your full work email address, and a meaningful description. Tap Next:
    4. Tap Configure Manually:
    5. Enter your InfoShare password, then tap Next:
    6. Select what you want synced to your phone, then tap Save:
    7. Your SWIC employee email will now be listed when you click the Apple mail app.

    iPhone’s and the Outlook App

    If you use the Outlook App on your iPhone, please follow these set-up directions specific to SWIC’s email platform:

    1. Open the Outlook app, type in your work email address, then tap Add Account:
    2. Tap on Not Office 365 in the upper right:
    3. At the bottom, tap Change Account Provider:
    4. Tap on Exchange:
    5. Enter the following information:
      1. Email address – enter your employee email address – “john.test@swic.edu
      2. Password – enter your InfoShare password
      3. Description – enter something meaningful to you, like SWIC Work.
      4. Server – mail1.swic.edu
      5. Domain – leave blank
      6. Username – SWIC\username, where “username” is your InfoShare username, “testjp

    Android OS and Email via Settings

    1. Open the Gmail app (the default mail client for LG phones).
    2. Select Add another account:
    3. Select Exchange and Office 365:
    4. Enter your employee email address (example: jane.doe@swic.edu):
    5. Important! When your change your InfoShare password, remember to update the password to your email on your phone:
    6. To move between accounts, clicker the upper right icon:

    Directions coming soon!

    Android OS and the Outlook App

    1. Open Outlook and select ADD ACCOUNT:
    2. Enter your employee email address (first.last@swic.edu), then select CONTINUE:
    3. Click the back arrow – do not add your password here!
    4. Select Exchange:
    5. Add the information as follows, then click the check mark in the upper right:
      1. Email Address: enter your SWIC employee email address (first.last@swic.edu)
      2. Server: mail1.swic.edu
      3. Domain\Username: SWIC\username
      4. Password: enter your InfoShare password
      5. Description: enter a meaningful description, like SWIC Work
      6. Click the check mark in the upper right.

    More Help

    More help from Microsoft, including help for different devices, can be found HERE.

    If you need help with your email address, InfoShare password or username, contact the Technology Assistance Center. Please make sure you have your employee ID number; if you do not know this number, please contact your department.

    Please note SWIC Technology Assistance provides limited support for personal devices.

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