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    There are several options to manage phones/extensions in your office. Many of these options can be combined to streamline user and caller experience.

    Bridged Appearance

    A bridged appearance is simply bridging a call appearance (i.e. extension) to another extension, so a user can pickup/make calls as that second extension from their own phone.

    Extensions can be bridged to multiple other extensions.

    Extensions can be bridged together – extension A to B and extension B to A.

    Phantom Station

    A phantom station is an extension that does not need to be programmed into a physical phone to receive calls and/or voicemail.

    This is a great option for faculty/staff who need a SWIC extension/voicemail, but do not have a physical location on campus.

    “Piggyback” Voicemail

    If a user needs to monitor several voicemail accounts, we can piggyback those extensions to their main voicemail, so the user can manage multiple voicemails with their voicemail account.

    We can piggyback multiple voicemail accounts.

    Extensions can’t be piggybacked to multiple voicemail accounts, only one.

    Desk Phone to Cell Phone – EC500

    The EC500 feature allows you to send calls automatically from your desk phone, to your cell phone.

    You will be able to control if this feature is active or not, by pressing the EC500 button on your desk phone.

    Voicemail to Email – EVM

    Click HERE for more info.

    Hunt Groups and Vectors

    Hunt Groups are our call centers, where callers are directed to specialized “agents” that are logged in and can help callers. Dialing 0 for the operator is an example of a hunt group.

    Vectors are phone trees, where callers can listen to greetings that are informative or direct them to a specific person/department. Calling our main number is an example of a vector.

    Hunt groups and vectors can be combined to streamline a callers experience.

    More Help

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out Jennifer Parks by email or at 618-222-5294 (x5294). Visit other phone services knowledge base articles.

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