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    What is a student ID number?

    To help protect you from identity theft, the college moved to a system that identifies students by a student ID number rather than a Social Security number. This new system began in spring 2004.

    All current and former students in attendance from fall 1981 to present have been assigned a computer-generated student ID number.

    What is my username/user ID?

    Your username/user ID for eSTORM, SWIC Alert and campus Wi-Fi is your student ID number.

    Click here for information about your SWIC student email.

    When do I get my student ID number?

    Student ID numbers are generated after you have submitted a New Student Information form.

    If you have previously taken courses at SWIC, you will already have a student ID number assigned to you.

    Can I get my student ID number over the phone?

    Due to FERPA regulations, we CAN NOT give out student ID numbers over the phone.

    Please review the next questions for different ways to receive your student ID number.

    Can I get my student ID from eSTORM?

    If you have answered your security questions in eSTORM (mandatory as of August, 2014), you can retrieve your student ID number from eSTORM:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the Sign In tile.
    3. On the popup, click on “Forgot User ID?”
    4. Enter your Social Security number and date of birth, then click “Validate My Info”.
    5. Answer one of the security questions (three attempts possible in 30 minutes):
      1. Correct responses will allow the student ID number to be displayed.
      2. Incorrect responses will allow you to have the ID number emailed to your SWIC student email account.
        1. If you do not have access to this email account, click “I Don’t Have Access to my SWIC Student email”
        2. Confirm you were once a student at BAC/SWIC, and fill out the online student ID request form.
        3. This form will allow us to email your student ID number to the email account of your choice.

    How else can I find my student ID number?

    Look on your class schedule, unofficial transcripts, SWIC photo ID card, tuition bills and letters from the SWIC Financial Aid Office.

    Bring a photo ID to the Enrollment Services Office at the Belleville, Granite City or Red Bud campuses and you will be given documentation with your student ID number.

    I last attended Belleville Area College prior to Fall, 1981. Can I get a student ID number?

    Academic records prior to fall 1981 are archived on a separate system and will not be available for you to access online. Only students in attendance from fall 1981 forward will be able to receive a student ID number and have access to their academic records through eSTORM.

    Please contact Enrollment Services during regular office hours for further help.

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