Dual Credit New Class Checklist - Southwestern Illinois College

New Dual Credit Instructor Process

When a high school representative requests a dual credit class:

The Dual Credit office will:

  1. Ensure that the school has a partnership agreement in place and begin to implement, if necessary
  2. Ask that the high school representative read the Dual Credit High School Manual
  3. Forward the Minimum Instructor Requirements and course descriptions to the requestor
  4. Request that the instructor submit his/her resume or CV and official college transcripts along with any other pertinent information regarding their qualifications to offer the dual credit class

Once the instructor provides the requested documents, the dual credit office will:

  1. Forward the documents to the appropriate department chair or program coordinator. They will also facilitate a meeting with the appropriate department chair/program coordinator and the dual credit coordinator.

If the instructor does not meet the minimum instructor requirements (MIR’s) for a transfer dual credit class, the instructor may propose a professional development plan to meet the MIR’s. Once proposed, the college has 30 days to accept or reject the plan.  Instructors requesting professional development plans must:

  1. Qualify by holding a Master’s degree in any discipline and has earned 9 grad credit hours toward discipline to be taught or holding Bachelor’s degree in any discipline and has earned 18 grad credit hours toward discipline to be taught & is enrolled in that Master’s program
  2. Demonstrate progress toward that goal by providing unofficial college transcripts to the dual credit coordinator each semester
  3. Take no longer than 3 years from the approval date of the plan to complete the plan.

Once approved, the dual credit office will notify the requestor and/or instructor.  In that notification, the dual credit office will request several documents:

  1. A syllabus for the course
  2. A SWIC application and POI form (provided by the dual credit office)
  3. A signed course agreement

Once those documents have been received, the instructor may be required to tweak the syllabus as required to align with curriculum standards at the college.

All dual credit instructors are expected to attend orientation and an annual training. The dual credit office will discuss training topics like: Approving Rosters, Registration, Parent Notification, Placement Testing, and Meeting SWIC Course Requirements (Assessment, Pedagogy, Technology, Attendance at Meetings). This training session may be one on one or in a large group setting. Instructors will be considered SWIC adjunct faculty and will be encouraged to participate in all welcome weeks, advisory council meetings, and additional trainings as required.  Dual credit instructors must attend at least one meeting per year with the department chair/program coordinator.


If a current dual credit instructor leaves their position in the high school close to the beginning of the current school year or during the school year, the dual credit coordinator will work with the school administration to help vet a new teacher who will meet the qualifications to offer dual credit.