If Granted an Appeal - Southwestern Illinois College

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree will only be granted loan and work-study eligibility upon approval of their appeal.
  • You will be placed on a PLAN status which signifies your agreement to follow your academic plan according to your appeal.
  • The PLAN status expires upon completion of your primary program of study or when CGPA and CCR return to MEET status.
  • Your academic plan only follows your primary program of study according to your appeal submission.
  • You must wait until the financial aid process is complete prior to using financial aid on tuition and books.
  • You must meet all requirements in the letter of approval to maintain appeal status and financial aid eligibility.
  • You will be evaluated at the end of every semester to ensure appeal status requirements are being met.
  • Loss of your appeal status will return you to a financial aid suspension status.
  • You cannot reason the loss of an appeal status using the original extenuating circumstances.

If you qualify for a financial aid suspension appeal, please contact the Office of Financial Aid, Veteran Service, and Student Employment for a financial aid suspension appeal coversheet to begin the process.