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What is a Reference Book?

A reference book contains useful facts or specially organized information, like an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, directory, or handbook. It is consulted for information about a specific fact rather than read from beginning to end.

2 Ways to find Reference Books

  • Visit the SWIC Library! We have various hard copy references that cover a wide array of subjects. Librarians can help you find reference books on your topic.
  • Search the Library’s Online Reference Collection. Type in your keyword and find facts about your topic in over 800 online reference books. Citations are provided.

Please note: The references in the online collection and the hard copy references at the SWIC Library are completely different. For example, The Encyclopedia of Religion is not online. It is located at the library. The Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters is only online. Need help? Ask a librarian! We’ll help you find the best reference book for you!