Red Bud Poetry Contest 2022 - Southwestern Illinois College

4th Grade Division

1st Place: Cole Lewandowski

2nd Place: Joey Stuart

3rd Place: Sami Valleroy

5th Grade Division

1st Place: Cole McDonald

2nd Place: Arabella Mallender

3rd Place: Reed Petrowske

6th Grade Division

1st Place: Marlie Caby

2nd Place: Rusty Korando

3rd Place: Gage Lynn

7th Grade Division

1st Place: Logan McDonald

2nd Place: Hailey Yankey

3rd Place: Zac Lauer

8th Grade Division

1st Place: Jonathan Hayer

2nd Place: Gabby Vause

3rd Place: Addison Tarr

High School Division

1st Place: Kaitlyn Chung

2nd Place: Julia Nicole Venus

3rd Place: Jessica Ixcoy-Sica

Adult Division

1st Place: Kathryn Klepacz Clancy

2nd Place: Belinda Burnworth

3rd Place: Yvonne Meckfessel

Check out the Program

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