EEK-taskic Art - Southwestern Illinois College

EEK-tastic Art

How do I participate?

You must be a student to enter!

Read the General Contest Rules.

Draw a Halloween theme or download/color a coloring page.

Take a picture of YOU and YOUR Art or sign your Art with your name.

Upload your image to a shared location.

Enter your image URL into the Submission form.

Make sure your submission is public until the end of the event.

Enter to have your work displayed on the public website. There are no prizes for this activity.

Want to submit a coloring page?

You can submit a coloring page idea using the Submission form and if your page is accepted it will be posted on the website for people to download.

What are the rules?

How do I enter?

Drawing Entries

Check back for this years submissions!

Coloring Downloads and Entries

Download a coloring sheet

Download a coloring sheet and color it however you like.


See all entries that meet the rule requirements here!