Aviation Management

Southwestern Illinois College offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Aviation Management. Successful graduates who complete the program have the opportunity to go into a wide variety of aviation related careers and support roles including logistic, flight operations support, manufacturing, maintenance coordinator, maintenance management, product representatives, corporate and airline aviation support roles. Aviation is a global industry and continues to expand to meet the requirements of national defense and increased domestic and international passenger travel. The Federal Aviation Administration forecasts that domestic and international travel will increase approximately 30% to 1 billion passengers carried annually by U.S. airlines by the year 2025 along with the increasing demand for shipment of air cargo.

Graduates of the Aviation Management Program have the opportunity to enter the Southwestern Illinois University Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Students have the opportunity to enroll at the SIUC campus or at satellite locations.

For more information about the Aviation Management program please contact Program Coordinator Keith Mueller at 618-235-2700, ext. 5683 or keith.mueller@swic.edu.

Educational Program

Beyond the Associate Degree

The SWIC program is designed to transfer directly to the Southern Illinois University Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management program.

Career Opportunities

  • Logistics
  • Flight operations
  • Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Maintenance management
  • Product representation
  • Corporate and airline aviation support