Ready for a Career in Horticulture?

If you are passionate about plants, flowers and soil, and love working outdoors, a career in horticulture might be right for you. A Horticulture Degree or a Horticulture Certificate or Floral Design Certificate can help you reach your career goals.

Horticulture Training Program

In the SWIC Horticulture program, you will learn the basics of horticulture such as soil, plant and turf management and the principles of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.

Career Opportunities

  • Landscape designer
  • Golf course superintendent
  • Grounds superintendent for a school, college, park, industrial complex or municipality
  • Turf manager for construction contractor, country club, highway department, sod farm or landscape contractor
  • Retail or wholesale greenhouse operator
  • Floral designer
  • Garden center manager
  • Fruit and vegetable retail or wholesale manager

Be Career Ready in Two Years or Less

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Horticulture Certificate
  • Floral Design Certificate

Core Courses for Associate in Applied Science Degree 

  • HORT 102 Intro to Horticulture 
  • HORT 132 Garden Center & Nursery Management 
  • HORT 152 Greenhouse Management
  • HORT 136 Identification & Use of Ornamentals  
  • HORT 135 Turf Management
  • HORT 287 Supervised Intern Employment
  • HORT 215 Horticultural Diagnostics
  • HORT 288 Supervised Intern Employment
  • HORT 226 Landscaping
  • HORT 298 Horticulture Project

Courses for Horticulture Certificate

  • HORT 102  Intro to Horticulture 
  • HORT 136 Identification & Use of Ornamentals 
  • HORT 152 Greenhouse Management 
  • HORT 112 Media & Fertility

Courses for Floral Design Certificate

  • HORT 102  Intro to Horticulture
  • HORT 120 Container Gardening  
  • HORT 165 Floral Design 
  • HORT 168 Floral Shop Management 
  • HORT 195 Indoor Plant Culture & Gardening
  • HORT 265 Advanced Floral Design 

Other Horticulture Courses

  • HORT 235 Advanced Turf Management 
  • HORT 228 Computer-Aided Landscaping
  • HORT 237 Arboriculture 3
  • HORT 275 Grounds Maintenance
  • HORT 252 Advanced Greenhouse Management 3
  • HORT 175 Home Gardening 
  • HORT 242 Fruit Production 
  • HORT 262 Small Fruit Production 
  • HORT 280 Vegetable Gardening
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Scholarships for Horticulture

SWIC Foundation offers several scholarships for students enrolled in the SWIC Horticulture program. If you are interested, please submit the form below.