Outcomes Assessment Committees - Southwestern Illinois College

The assessment of student learning at SWIC is a faculty-driven process. The Outcomes Assessment Coordinator is a full-time faculty member, and all committees (except the Co-Curricular Committee) are composed of faculty representing all instructional divisions.

General Education Committee

The General Education Outcomes Assessment Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing principles and an agenda that will assist SWIC faculty in further development and use of tools and procedures that will be used to assess student learning related to the college-wide general education core competencies. This committee oversees the work of the core competency committees.

Disciplines Committee

The Disciplines committee is responsible for overseeing assessment at the program, degree, or discipline level. Mission statements, educational goals, assessment reports, and assessment timelines are components of the discipline and program assessment at SWIC. The committee works with disciplines and programs, providing guidance, expertise, and education when and where needed.

Transfer Degree Committee

The Transfer Degree Committee oversees and directs assessment of student learning for the Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts,  Associate in Science, and Associate in Engineering Science transfer degrees.

Outcomes Assessment Leadership Team

The OA Leadership Team, in consultation with the Vice President for Instruction, directs the outcomes assessment efforts at SWIC.