Outcomes Assessment Forms and Templates - Southwestern Illinois College

Course Syllabus Template

College Syllabus Template (Updated 07/10/2020)

This template can be used by any faculty member to develop a course syllabus. To assure consistency in what is taught in all courses at all locations, every faculty member follows the departmentally approved course syllabus. Every syllabus should be consistent with the master syllabus in the following areas:

  • Course Name & Number
  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Methods for evaluating student performance
  • Topical Outline
  • Emergency Closure Statement
  • Disability & Access Center information

The course syllabus template assists faculty by providing the framework for developing their course syllabus. Within the framework of the master syllabus and contractual requirements, SWIC faculty deliver their courses in a manner they deem best for successful student learning and assess the effectiveness of their methods.

Competency Skill Maps

The Competency Skill Maps identify courses in a discipline or program that specifically address the college-wide general education core competencies. Each core competency has several categories.

Communication Skills

Computer Literacy Competency Skill Map

Oral Communications Competency Skill Map

Writing Competency Skill Map

Reasoning Skills

Critical Thinking Competency Skill Map

Quantitative Literacy Competency Map


Civic & Social Accountability Competency Skill Map

Personal Accountability Skill Map 

Forms and Templates Available in Infoshare

These forms and templates can be found in the Outcomes Assessment Forms Center in Infoshare:

Mission Statement & Goals

Disciplines and programs/degrees have identified mission statements & measurable student performance educational goals specific to the discipline or program/degree.

Curriculum Maps

Department Chairs/Program Coordinators, in collaboration with the faculty, submit Curriculum Maps to the Outcomes Assessment Coordinator for program review.  Curriculum maps identify the departmental or program goals that are covered in each course in the discipline or program.

Assessment of Student Learning Report

The Assessment of Student Learning Report is submitted by faculty to report learning assessment results and actions taken by the faculty to improve student learning for assessment at any level – course, discipline, program, degree, or institutional core competency.


Rubrics are one of the tools that can be used to assess student learning. They are highly effective because they can be used for grading an individual student’s performance as well as assessing how well the class is performing in each of the components of the overall skill.

Many of the core competencies have assessment rubrics, which were developed by the faculty serving on the core competency committees. These rubrics are used for institutional assessments of the core competencies and for individual faculty to use in their courses to assess competencies at the classroom, course, discipline, program, and degree level.

Communication Skills Rubrics

  • Computer Literacy Assessment Rubric 
  • Oral Communications Assessment Rubric 
  • Writing Assessment Rubric 

Citizenship Skills Rubrics

  • Personal Accountability Rubric