September 2021 - Southwestern Illinois College

Senior Companion Program looking for seniors or caregivers

Are you a senior who is feeling lonely, or are you a caregiver to a senior and in need of a little break? Senior Companions can help!

The Senior Companion Program pairs healthy, active people 55 and older with other seniors who otherwise would not be able to live independently. Southwestern Illinois College Programs and Services for Older Persons sponsors the program.

“The companions provide supportive, individualized services to help clients maintain their dignity and independence,” said Carla Boswell, director of the Senior Companion Program at PSOP. “The goal is to foster their independence and keep them in their own homes. The program also serves as a support system for caregivers of homebound seniors.”

At no cost to the client, Senior Companions provide companionship and assistance to older adults who are homebound and want to remain in their home or may be socially isolated. They visit four hours per day, one or more days per week and can assist with daily tasks, as well as give support and a much-needed break to full-time caregivers. All Senior Companions must go through a background check and training before they are placed with a senior. Companions earn a nontaxable stipend, paid holidays, meal and travel reimbursement and other benefits.

For more information regarding the Senior Companion Program, contact Deena Duvall in Monroe or Randolph counties at 618-282-6682, ext. 8135; Deirdre Evans in the East St. Louis area at 618-874-8779; Carla Boswell in Madison County at 618-797-7369; or Judy Foret in St. Clair County at 618-234-4410, ext. 7095.

SWIC 2021 SkillsUSA PMT National Winners

Southwestern Illinois College students earned bronze medals at the 2021 National SkillsUSA competition held in July. SWIC students, from left to right, include Bryce Griggs of Granite City, Alex MidKiff of Belleville, Billy Laycock of Marine, Philip Culiberk of Maryville, Steven Boss of O’Fallon and Will Andersen of St. Louis.  Laycock, MidKiff and Andersen won as a team in Automated Manufacturing Technology; Boss earned a medal for CNC Milling; and Culiberk took his prize in the CNC Technician category. Griggs competed at the state level but was unavailable to compete at the national level. Andersen said the most challenging part about the competition was coordinating all of their efforts so they worked together smoothly as a team. SkillsUSA is a national technical education organization that partners educators, employers and students to teach greater skills to Americans. The SkillsUSA Championships are competitive events showcasing the best career and technical education students in the nation. Due to COVID restrictions, competitors completed their projects at their respective colleges. SWIC Precision Machining students have won 13 national machining medals in the last 10 years, the most by any college in the country.

My Favorite “Original” Song – Billie Elliott

Talent Statement

I’ve started singing since my Dad told me to join Kids Choir (I was 7 or 8. Somewhere in my younger days). I didn’t enjoy it at first but growing up; I started to enjoy it. So now I’ve joined the adult’s choir. I also joined the college choir last semester (I couldn’t join this semester because I’m doing other classes for my major, Sign Language, that the academic advisor told me to do).

Happy to join the talent show! 🙂!

– Billie Elliott

Submission Information

Title: My Favorite “Original” Song

Talent Name: Billie Elliott

Category: MUSIC

Get clean with it – Nick Keeney

Talent Statement

“I love doing trick shots with golf.”- Nick Keeney

Submission Information

Title: Nick Keeney – Get clean with it

Talent Name: Nick Keeney

Category: Performance

Shar Pei – Kerra Hayes

Talent Statement

This piece was a commission of a friend’s dog done in April of this year. I’ve been doing art for as long as I remember and took art classes from ages 11 to 16 at Hall of Frames.

I enjoy drawing and clay sculpting, and have attempted painting, but my favorite medium is using pastels.

I have taken two classes at SWIC learning about the history of art and art of different cultures and have enjoyed both of them, and I would like to take classes in the future to learn how to create different types of art.”

– Kerra Hayes

Submission Information

Title: Shar Pei – Kerra Hayes

Talent Name: Kerra Hayes

Category: ART

His First “Happy” Smile – Lillian Brunick

Talent Statement

Depression is a real struggle many of us must face at one point or another. Here is my illustration of a special someone’s ‘turning point’ towards recovery and more REAL “happy smiles.

– Lillian Brunick

Submission Information

Title: His First “Happy” Smile – Lillian Brunick

Talent Name: Lillian Brunick

Category: ART

I’m late for class – Deondra Johnson

Talent Statement

This was inspired by myself almost being late for class. I ran so fast it wasn’t even funny. At the time, I felt so embarrassed when I arrived to class out of breath. As for the papers that are flying out of my backpack, in the background, I didn’t realize my bag was open and a few things fell out as I was running. Looking back on the situation I personally found the situation funny, so I decided to draw what I imagined myself running to class late. Hope you like it.

– Deondra Johnson

Submission Information

Title: I’m late for class – Deondra Johnson

Talent Name: Deondra Johnson

Category: ART

Art In Pencil – Abigail Markel

Talent Statement

It draws on one of my favorite art themes ever, the Danse Macabre. It’s a concept from the Middle Ages, which was often depicted by a skeletal figure dancing with several different people, obviously drawn as having come from multiple walks of life. The idea embodied by the Danse Macabre is that we are all simply dancing our way to the grave. I took that concept and twisted it into the Macabre Dance, choosing to draw a ballet dancer wearing a spiky crown and a fang earring, made up to look like a skeleton. The expression of hope on her face shows that one day, all people will be equal in more than just death.

– Abigail Markel

Submission Information

Title: Art In Pencil – Abigail Markel

Talent Name: Abigail Markel

Category: ART