September 2023 - Southwestern Illinois College

Start like a pro!  Sign up for Success Coaching!

Have you ever watched professional athletes on television and wondered what you could do if you had a coach closely supporting you along the way?

Well, now you can have a SWIC Success Coach to be there as you become as successful as you are willing to be.

Success Coaching is a new program to support students as they navigate the many demands of college life.

You come to the coaching session and decide what areas you would like to work on.  Maybe it’s procrastination.  Maybe it’s simply getting enough sleep.  Or, perhaps you are trying to figure out all the campus resources so you can make sure you’re not missing out on something important.

The goal is only limited by your imagination.

Success Coaching offers holistic support – meaning we build connections with others across campus, and provide you, the student, a network of helpful individuals plus the opportunity to design action steps to meet your goals.

Don’t know what your goals are?  We can explore that as well.

In Success Coaching we help you identify obstacles to learning and provide individualized support.

Your responsibilities: Keep an open and growth mindset when completing tasks.

During a 30-45-minute session, you will decide how often to meet, schedule the next appointment, and set the purpose of the meeting.

Make an appointment with Success Coach through Bookings, the QR code below, or call or visit the Success Center LA Room 1307 | 618-235-2700 ext. 5495

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