Brewing Science & Operations - Southwestern Illinois College

Career Opportunities

Recipients of this degree are equipped to pursue a variety of careers in fields related to the brewing industry, such as food and hospitality, packaging and distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, food & natural resources, and business management & administration.

A certificate in brewing provides an overview of the industry including daily operations and essential, hands­ on tasks in the brewery including cleaning/sanitation and basic positions assisting in brewing science. Graduates will be able to enter entry-level cellar, packaging, and maintenance positions, in addition to standard restaurant/hospitality positions.

For A.A.S. graduates, fermentation science, brewer, and managerial jobs focusing on the functions of the brewery as a whole will be available positions on top of those described for the certificate. The experience and knowledge gained from the two-year degree will prepare entry- to mid-level jobs in the industry.

Special Requirements

Classes which involve alcohol tasting, i.e., Sip and Spit Classes, allow students under the age of 21 (but 18 or older) to taste, but not consume small quantities of alcohol for analysis purposes. Any violation of this principle will in turn be treated as a violation of the law and will be prosecuted.

Proper consultation and planning with the student’s academic advisor will be necessary to ensure that the course curriculum is finished within the recommended amount of time. Students must also be capable of lifting heavy materials (up to 60lbs) and standing for long periods of time.