Brewing Degree Curriculum - Southwestern Illinois College

Brewing Science & Operations Degree Program Overview

The Brewing Operations and Fermentation Science degree will give students the opportunity to start a career in the expanding beer and beverage industry. This program will provide foundational knowledge for understanding brewery operations, production procedures, and basic quality assurance. In partnership with Old Herald Brewery and Distillery, students will have access to the latest machinery and technologies used in the industry today and receive hands-on training through internships and courses. 

Upon completion of the program, students will successfully be able to:

File graphic describing science of brewing beer
File graphic describing science of brewing beer
  • Recommend beers based on foods, flavors, and other sensory qualities.
  • Practice and promote proper procedures for workplace safety.
  • Identify and explain the different styles and cultural implications of beers. Discuss the procedures necessary in the selection and handling of raw materials
  • Communicate the process of brewing and fermentation from start to finish.
  • Perform the process of brewing product from start to finish
  • Operate a forklift safely in the workplace.
  • Express an awareness of the chemical and microbiological processes which occur in brewing and fermentation.
  • Engage in proper sanitation and safety procedures to ensure high-quality production brewing.
  • Adhere to state and federal regulations and laws involving brewing operations.
  • Distinguish between types of beer styles/varieties and describe their flavors, expressions, aromas, and finishes with industry terminology.

Brewing Science & Operations Associate in Applied Science Degree Curriculum

First Year

Fall Semester

Total Credits: 15
Course Number Course Description Credits
BIOL 101 Principles of Biology 4
ENG 101 Rhetoric & Composition I 3
BRW 101 Intro to Brewing Processes 2
BRW 103 Principles of Brewing Science 4
HES 152 First-Aid-Medical Self Help 2

Spring Semester

Total Credits: 14
Course Number Course Description Credits
CUL 116 Food Service Sanitation OR 1
  valid Food Handler’s Certificate  
ENG 102 Rhetoric & Composition II OR 3
ENG 103 Technical Communication  
BRW 151 Biochemistry of Brewing 4
BRW 201 Brewing Science Operations I 3
BRW 250 Brewing Technology 3

Summer Semester

Total Semester Credits: 1
Course Number Course Description Credits
BRW 269 Brewing Operations Internship 1

Second Year

Fall Semester

Total Credits: 14
Course Number Course Description Credits
HIST 180 US History to 1865 OR 3
  Human Relations Elective  
ECON 202 Principles of Economics-Micro OR 3
  General Education Elective  
BRW 202 Brewing Science Operations II 3
BRW 260 Legal Topics in Brewing 2
BRW 270 Sensory Analysis of Beer 3

Spring Semester

Total Credits: 16
Total Program Credits 60
Course Number Course Description Credits
BRW 207 Beers & Wines of the World 3
BRW 280 Brewing Science Capstone 3
BUS 102 Business Mathematics OR 3
MATH 191 Introduction to Statistics  
MGMT 214 Principles of Management OR 3
BUS 101 Introduction to Business  
IML 101 O.S.H.A. Awareness 0.5
ILM 189 Forklift Truck Safety 0.5
BRW 251 Intro to Fermentation Science 3

Special Requirements

Classes which involve alcohol tasting, i.e., Sip and Spit Classes, allow students under the age of 21 (but 18 or older) to taste, but not consume small quantities of alcohol for analysis purposes. Any violation of this principle will in turn be treated as a violation of the law and will be prosecuted. Proper consultation and planning with the student’s academic advisor will be necessary to ensure that the course curriculum is finished within the recommended amount of time. Students must also be capable of lifting heavy materials (up to 60lbs) and standing for long periods of time.