Refer to the following suggested curriculum and the graduation requirements as a guide for completing this program.

Early Childhood Education Certificate (0072)

Total Semester Credits: 18
Fall Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
ECE 110 Intro to Early Childhood Education 3
ECE 112 Growth & Development of Children 3
ECE 114 Child Health Maintenance 3
ENG 101 Rhetoric & Composition I 3
PSYC 151 General Psychology 3
SOC 153 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Credits: 33
Spring Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
ECE 116 Children with Special Needs 3
ECE 118 Early Childhood Practicum I 3
ECE 121 Early Childhood Curriculum 3
ECE 250 Child, Family and Community 3
  ECE Elective* 3
Total Semester Credits: 15

Prerequisites may be required for some courses. Refer to the College Catalog.

* Early Childhood Education electives are: ECE 122 Infant and Toddler Care, ECE 200 ECE Leadership & Supervision, ECE 210 Understanding & Guiding Behavior of Young Children or any ECE 299 Special Topics course.

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Early Childhood Education Certificate (0072)

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