Phlebotomy Certificate - Southwestern Illinois College

Course Sequence

Phlebotomy Certificate (021B) Course Sequence

This is a four-credit-hour certificate.

The phlebotomy curriculum includes basic phlebotomy procedures, at the college settings, followed by 120 hours of supervised clinical experience at a hospital.

Course Information

Phlebotomy Courses

During the first six weeks of fall or spring semester, MLT 100: Introduction to Phlebotomy Procedures can be taken at the Belleville or East St. Louis campus.

Department consent is required before enroll into the Phlebotomy courses. Contact the MLT Coordinator, Dianne Iberg, for department consent at 618-235-2700 ext. 5386 or

Clinical Education Experiences

MLT 242 is offered at area hospitals and clinical facilities during the last 10 weeks of the fall or spring semester. Students must complete 120 clinical hours during those 10 weeks. Students may be required to travel outside the college district and must have background checks and drug testing prior to starting clinical experience. Specific clinical placement cannot be guaranteed.

After successfully completing MLT 100 with a “C” or better, the program coordinator will give permission for the student to register for MLT 242, the clinical course.


Dianne Iberg