Phlebotomy Enrollment Requirements - Southwestern Illinois College

Enrollment Requirements

Department consent is required before enrolling into the Phlebotomy program. Contact the MLT Coordinator, Dianne Iberg, for department consent at 618-235-2700 ext. 5386 or

Additional Requirements

The following criteria are required of students enrolled in the Phlebotomy program:

Auto and Health Insurance:

Students enrolling in all Health Sciences programs should be aware that some clinical facilities may require auto and/or health insurance. Malpractice insurance, when required, is provided by the college through the assessment of lab fees.

Medical Requirements:

Students qualifying for enrollment are recommended to have the Hepatitis B shot series, updated immunization record, current tuberculosis test and a flu shot prior to Phlebotomy clinicals during the second semester of the program. Specific requirements vary depending on the clinical site.

Background Check:

Fingerprints and drug testing are required. View a list of disqualifying convictions from the Illinois Department of Public Health.