Culinary Arts and Food Management - Southwestern Illinois College

The Southwestern Illinois College Culinary Arts and Food Management program prepares students for entry-level positions in the food service industry. The program offers different educational options to meet the specific needs of its students. 

Associate in Applied Science degree

The Associate in Applied Science degree program will provide you with the knowledge of restaurant management and culinary arts skills necessary to obtain an entry-level chef or restaurant management position.

Outstanding Reputation for Transfer

Some graduates prefer to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The program has an outstanding reputation among notable colleges and universities. SWIC can assist in the transfer process.


The four Culinary Arts and Food Management certification programs provide specific foundations to help you prepare for a particular job in the industry or enhance current job skills.

One certificate offers a food service concentration while another offers a food service and management combination. The third certificate concentrates on food preparation. The fourth certificate focus on the art and science of baking and pastry.

Hands-On Training

The college’s food service kitchen is equipped with modern equipment and ample work station space for each student to practice culinary skills.

Expert Instructors

Instruction is provided by experts who are well versed in food preparation and restaurant management. The program coordinator has extensive experience in the hospitality and food service industry. Students in the Culinary Arts and Food Management program must be able to perform physical requirements as identified by the department.

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