Early Childhood Education Career Curriculum - Southwestern Illinois College

Refer to the following suggested curriculum and the graduation requirements as a guide for completing this program.

Associate in Applied Science Degree (0073) – Early Childhood Education

First Year

Total Semester Credits: 15-17
Fall Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
ECE 110 Intro to Early Childhood Education 3
ECE 112 Growth & Development of Children 3
ENG 101 Rhetoric & Composition I 3
SOC 153 Introduction to Sociology 3
BUS 102
Business Mathematics OR
Intermediate Algebra or higher
Total Semester Credits: 18
Spring Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
ECE 114 Child Health Maintenance 3
ENG 102 Rhetoric & Composition II 3
HES 151 Health 2
PSYC 151 General Psychology 3
ECE 250 Child, Family and Community 3
  Lab Science Course 4

Second Year

Total Semester Credits: 18
Fall Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
  Technology Elective* 3
ECE 116 Children with Special Needs 3
ECE 118 Early Childhood Practicum I 3
ECE 121 Early Childhood Curriculum 3
LIT 293 Children’s Literature 3
  Humanities Course 3

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Total Program Credits: 66-68
Total Semester Credits: 15
Spring Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
ECE 125 Early Childhood Administration 3
  ECE Elective** 3
CUL 116 Food Service Sanitation 1
HES 152 First Aid-Medical Self Help*** 2
  Humanities Course 3
  Any 100-level or higher course 3

* Technology electives are: ED 260 Educational Technology, OAT 156 Microsoft Office Suite I or OAT 180 Word Processing.

** Early Childhood Education electives are: ECE 122 Infant and Toddler Care, ECE 200 ECE Leadership & Supervision, ECE 210 Understanding & Guiding Behavior of Young Children, ECE 220 Math for Young Children or any ECE 299 Special Topics course.

*** Students who hold current First-Aid and CPR certificates in the semester they plan to graduate can obtain a waiver out of HES 152 from the program coordinator. See coordinator for approved programs.

Refer to the Online Course Catalog or Class Search link in eSTORM for a full course description.