Master the art of filmmaking - Southwestern Illinois College

Earn A Degree Making Movies and Videos


In the filmmaking program at Southwestern Illinois College you can earn an associate in arts degree while studying movies and learning how to make your own. You will gain skills you can use in professional filmmaking production situations as well as for your own lifelong, personal enjoyment.

Associate in Arts Degree Film Pre-Major Courses
  • FILM 115-Film Appreciation
  • FILM 215-Film History
  • FILM 105-Screenwriting I
  • FILM 140-Video Editing I
  • FILM 150 Moviemaking I
Optional courses
  • FILM 205-Screenwriting II
  • FILM 230-Sound Design
  • FILM 240 Video Editing II
  • FILM 250-Moviemaking II
  • FILM 260, 261-Documentary Moviemaking I, II
  • FILM 280-Digital Cinematography
  • FILM 298-Special Topics in Motion Picture Production
  • FILM 299-Special Topics in Film Study
Potential employers

While  you may dream of directing the next Hollywood blockbuster, many local companies and organizations also hire people to produce movies and videos.

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Entertainment companies
  • Industrial filmmakers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Online media publishers
  • Online Retailers
  • Public relations agencies
  • Television stations
  • Video production companies