Secondary Education Curriculum - Southwestern Illinois College

Refer to the following suggested curriculum and the graduation requirements as a guide for completing this program.


Are you planning to earn an Associate in Arts degree and then transfer to a four-year college or university to major in Secondary Education? We strongly encourage you to consult with a SWIC Advisor prior to enrolling each semester.  We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of the four-year institution where you plan to transfer.

Fulfill the General Education and other institutional requirements for the Associate in Arts degree listed in the printed or online College Catalog. General Education course preferences may vary by transfer institution.

As you fulfill your degree requirements, it is strongly recommended that you take the following classes:

  • PSYC 151 – General Psychology
  • ART 101 – Art Appreciation OR MUS 101 – Music Appreciation
  • HIST 180 and HIST 181 – U.S. History to 1865 and U.S. History from 1865 to 1945
  • POLS 150 – Intro. to American Government
  • HLTH 151 – Health
  • PSYC 251 – Adolescent Development

Most four-year colleges and universities will accept the following classes as Secondary Education major credit:

  • ED 255 – Introduction to Education
  • ED 252 – Educational Psychology

The optional courses listed below may be applicable toward a baccalaureate Secondary Education major. Please keep in mind that most transfer institutions limit the number of credit hours taken within a student’s major field of study at the community college level. To ensure the acceptance of such courses toward your intended major, check with the four-year institution where you are transferring or a SWIC Advisor regarding their applicability.

  • Content area courses in your primary teaching subject (e.g., English, math, science, social studies)
  • ED 265 Introduction to Special Education
  • ED 260 Introduction to Educational Technology
  • Other education classes

Fulfill all other Associate in Arts degree requirements listed in the printed or online College Catalog.

Apply for graduation by the date published in the college calendar.

Earn at least 64 transferable credits with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 to graduate from SWIC. Most transfer institutions require a higher GPA for admission (usually a 2.5 or higher) to the institution and/or specific majors, so check with the transfer institution for its requirements.
Note: Enrollment in many transfer classes is based on your score on the assessment placement test and/or your fulfillment of course prerequisites.

All intended transfer students should meet with an education counselor at their intended transfer institution as soon as possible for direct advising on course requirements. It is also recommended that all intended education transfer students take ED255 Introduction to Education and ED265 Introduction to Special Education (not at the same time) before transferring, in addition to any courses required/suggested in the course catalog. Both courses require fingerprint background checks (performed on campus as part of the course) and cleared TB tests (student responsibility to provide – must be no more than 1 year old); must be completed by end of first week of class.

For licensure and testing information, see the Illinois State Board of Education, or contact your local Regional Office of Education.

Your course work from SWIC may be transferable to the following institutions:

For more information, please contact:

Jessica Day

Education Coordinator