Academic Advising General Info - Southwestern Illinois College

Talk with an Advisor

Please note: We strongly recommend making an appointment with an academic advisor to better plan ahead and avoid wait times.

All students should confer with an academic advisor when they first enroll at SWIC.

Courses and programs should always be carefully selected with the assistance of an academic advisor to ensure applicability toward the student’s program requirements and the most effective fulfillment of the student’s educational goals.

All areas of Academic Advising work together to provide students and potential students with the best possible service and assistance Academic Advising services are designed to foster academic, personal and career success.

Academic Advising Responsibilities

For Students

The following is a list of what you can expect to learn as part of the academic advising process:

  • Students will accept responsibility for and understand their ability to make informed decisions regarding their certificate, degree and career goals.
  • Students will create a plan for successfully achieving their educational and career goals through understanding their Advisement Report and developing their individualized plan for future course enrollment.
  • Students will be able to navigate their student portal and locate important information.
  • Students will be able to locate and understand college policies and procedures.
  • Students will understand and use the services and resources available to them that can be important in meeting academic, personal, and career goals.

For Advisors

The following is a list of expectations of your academic advisor throughout the advising process:

  • Advisors will enhance student understanding of the curriculum, graduation requirements, and college policies and procedures.
  • Advisors will assist students in developing attainable academic and career goals.
  • Advisors will encourage students’ growth in their ability to develop clear and reasonable educational plans.
  • Advisors will connect students to effective tools and explain available resources and services on campus.
  • Advisors will enhance student understanding on the life changing effect of higher education.
  • Advisors will make themselves available to students during office hours for walk-ins, by appointment (when possible), telephone or e-mail.
  • Advisors will guide students in developing responsibility for their role in their own education.
  • Advisors will maintain confidentiality according to FERPA.