If you enjoy learning about life processes, living organisms and the natural environment, the SWIC biology pre-major is for you. Study biology at the molecular, cellular, organismal and ecosystem level, all the while developing your abilities as a creative problem-solver.

Want to Earn a Degree in Biology?

Start working toward a bachelor’s degree in Biology as a pre-major at SWIC. This means you earn your general education requirements for an Associate in Science Degree with an emphasis on Biology before transferring to a university to major in Biology.

After earning an associate degree you can transfer to a four-year institution to work toward a degree in organismal biology such as botany, microbiology or zoology; an environmental science such as ecology, forestry or wildlife biology; a professional field such as pre-dentistry, pre-pharmacy, pre-medicine or pre-veterinary; or an education degree such as elementary, secondary or college science teaching.

Earning an Associate in Science Degree

You must complete a minimum of 64 semester credits to earn an associate degree. Courses will include a blend of general educational requirements as well as pre-major specific courses. SWIC offers more than a dozen Biology courses ranging from General Ecology to Microbiology.

Biology Core Courses:

BIOL 101 – Principles of Biology I
BIOL 102 – Principles of Biology II
CHEM 105 – General Chemistry I
CHEM 106 – General Chemistry II
CHEM 201 – Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 202 – Organic Chemistry II
MATH 203 – Analytic Geometry & Calculus I

Optional Courses:

BIOL 151 – Fundamental Botany
BIOL 204 – Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL 270 – Genetics

Transfer Opportunities

Many public and private four-year universities offer bachelor’s and graduate degrees in Biology. Confer with a SWIC academic advisor prior to enrolling each semester and familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of the four-year institution where you plan to transfer.

SWIC and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville have 2+2 Agreements for the following majors:

Ecology, Evolution and Environment
Genetics and Cellular Biology
Integrated Biology
Medical Science

Biology Career Opportunities

Aquatic Biologist
Biomedical Scientist
Fisheries Biologist
Forensic Scientist
Infection Control Specialist
Laboratory Technician
Marine Biologist
Public Health Specialist
Wildlife Biologist

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