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Sgt. Jon J. Brough Sr. ’86

Retired Belleville Police Sgt. Jon Brough’s life of service to others did not end when his career in law enforcement was cut short by a gunman. Even though he was shot in the face and blinded by a double-murder suspect and can no longer wear the badge he donned bravely for 28 years, he still finds ways to support law enforcement, education and the public.

By donating and supporting an annual scholarship for students who are pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice attending Southwestern Illinois College, sponsoring fundraisers and a blood drive, and sharing his expertise with law enforcement trainees, Sgt. Brough is still showing his determination not to let the “bad guy” win.

“Having an associate’s degree from SWIC is something I am very proud of,” says Brough. “My injuries ended my law enforcement and college careers, but I will always have my education and my degree from SWIC!”

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