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Dave Berry – Precision Machining Technology Instructor

Meet Dave Berry, a precision machining technology instructor at Southwestern Illinois College.

Dave received his education at SWIC shortly before working for the PMT program. As a long-time entrepreneur and freelancer in advanced CAD designs for the automotive and medical fields, he has plenty of experience. He specializes in CAD design and multi-axis machining and is the guru of MasterCAM, a software designed to make parts via computer aided design and manufacturing.

He believes that work ethic is all you need in this trade. Everything in this industry is learnable as long as you have the drive to achieve it. With various levels of natural skill in his classrooms, he notes that the greatest success stories come from those who have an iron will. They push hard, never give up, and blossom into excellent students with success in the industry. Some of Dave’s favorite memories happen as he and his students experience a great sense of pride and joy when they realize their potential to make impressive parts. His career at SWIC found him and he loves the work he does. Work is his hobby and he just so happens to make a living doing it which explains his knack for the trade.

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