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Pam Lauf – Success Center Math Specialist

Meet Pam Lauf, Math specialist in the Success Center at Southwestern Illinois College.

Pam started her journey at SWIC as a student, earning an Associate in Computer Science. She moved on to the University of Illinois and majored in Computer Engineering before changing direction and moving the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville majoring in Education.

After teaching at Gateway Computers, she learned that she really enjoys working and teaching adults. After taking her mother’s advice, who had worked at SWIC, she applied for a job here and has been with the college for 23 years and counting.

In the Success Center, Pam plays many different roles. She promotes, organizes, and presents at Success Center Boot Camps, tutors students in Math, and assists in tutoring Earth Science. She also teaches in the Math department.

Throughout her years at SWIC, she has learned from all situations. She has learned from each student in and outside the classroom. Her favorite memory at SWIC is when she had a student say, “I am no longer afraid of numbers!”.

Outside of her time at SWIC, Pam enjoys camping, floating, hiking, gardening, and traveling.

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