Nursing Class of 2023 - Southwestern Illinois College

Monday, May 15 • 6 p.m.




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Dean of Business, Health Sciences and Homeland Security ASHLEY BECKER, PH.D.

Presentation of Pins/Awards/Farewell to Friends

Presenter: Program Coordinator DR. ELIZABETH ALVAREZ, DNP, RN

Nursing Education High Achiever Award

Nursing Education Advanced Standing High Achiever Award

Farewell to Friends: XAVIER CONNER

The Florence Nightingale Pledge

I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.

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2023 First Year Students

  • Alexander Aguirre
  • Traci Anderson
  • Sydney Badgett
  • Lastarsha Blanch
  • Ryan Brown
  • Akeyla Brownlee
  • Michael Buraglio
  • Ciara Byrum
  • Kaylyn Cage
  • Morgan Callahan
  • Haley Carlson
  • Emily Causey
  • Cassandra Choma
  • Tori Connors
  • Jacob Cregger
  • Kaitlyn Davis
  • Christian Dean
  • Cheyenne Decker
  • Rene Deleon
  • Renee Doll
  • Michelle Fanning
  • Mindy Foutch
  • Ariana Freeman
  • Marla Garcia
  • Yvette Garcia
  • Adrienne Griffith
  • Delia Harrell
  • Morgan Hoffman
  • Audrey Hopper
  • Faith House
  • Alyssa James
  • Carneshia Johnson
  • Nicholas King
  • Alexandria Knapp
  • Reed Koeneman
  • Alexess Leemon
  • Olivia Meduga
  • Emily Mersinger
  • Madison Meyer
  • Amberle Mikuleza
  • Lauren Mitchell
  • Taylor Modrusic
  • Colin Munie
  • Charles O’Quinn
  • Madison Ortiz
  • Rhiannon Otte
  • Mikayla Outlaw
  • Cassie Owens
  • Crystal Patterson
  • Camron Patton
  • Ashley Pedersen
  • Selena Perkins
  • Whitney Petty
  • Katelyn Pritchett
  • Devin Randolph
  • Kelcey Rankin
  • Angela Ray
  • Jessica Roberts
  • Jordan Rodgers
  • Emily Rodriguez
  • Patricia Romero Otero
  • Tiffany Routt
  • Sarah Rudis
  • Alycia Schreder
  • Destiney Scott
  • Jason Shady
  • Emily Stein
  • Haley Stelzer
  • Matthew Stovall
  • Pratana Suriya
  • Amanda Szakacsi
  • Katherine Thomas
  • Mackenzie Vancil
  • Miguel Villablanca Jerez
  • Kaley Vo
  • Addison White
  • Emily Wilhelm
  • Thia Williamson
  • Tess Wilson
  • Summer Zeigler

2023 Nursing Education Graduates

  • Dorriauna Adams
  • Brittany Anderson
  • Katelynn Badgett
  • Erin Banks
  • Katherine Barton
  • Kaitlyn Baum
  • Breanna Bodeker
  • Jillian Bovinette
  • Darlene Budde
  • Melissa Budnicki
  • Brandy Bunker
  • Cylee Coney
  • Xavier Conner
  • Kailey Daniel
  • Lainey Deterding
  • Ashley Doss
  • Kayla Edwards
  • Aimee Foehrkolb
  • Jennifer Frentzel
  • Emily Friess
  • Toi Garmany-Condra
  • Madison Gotto
  • Tyree Green
  • Candice Greer
  • Ciera Griggs
  • Haley Gustavison
  • Erin Hannon
  • Maude Harris-Frazier
  • Skyler Hill
  • Brandi Holdman
  • Laura Horst
  • Kelly Hueffmann
  • Orielle Hutchinson
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Valerie Joseph-Brown
  • Abby Kerley
  • Lily Koch
  • Isabel Lambert
  • Jasmine Lanton
  • Lana Lawhorne
  • Ginger Leman
  • Megan Logan
  • Madison Madison
  • Sabnam Maharjan
  • Kimberly Mayes
  • Amanda McKeal
  • Lauren McKee
  • Lori Millikin
  • Kaylia Moore
  • Morgan Pace
  • Chloe Pearman
  • Heather Phelps
  • Inka Phipps
  • Kaylee Poston
  • Andrea Pulley
  • Bridgett Rapp
  • Jacqueline Reveles
  • Alisia Rushing
  • Briana Samuels
  • Constantino Sanchez
  • Mary Shoemaker
  • Katelyn Silva
  • Timbria Smith
  • Danielle Swyear
  • Catlyn Thomas
  • Leeah Thompson
  • Katerina Timpson
  • Savannah Viviano
  • Amber Wasser
  • Alec Weir
  • Anna Welser
  • Leslie White
  • Haley Whittaker
  • Todnisha Woods
  • Rachel Young


Southwestern Illinois College upholds the dignity and worth of students, employees and community, which empowers learning and enhances the quality of life.


To be students’ first choice by providing innovative and flexible programs designed to enrich our community and foster economic growth in our region.


As citizens and as an institution, we will reflect and practice those values integral to higher education and to the well-being of our region:

  • Student Success
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Workforce Development
  • Value of Education
  • Responsibility

Southwestern Illinois College Board of Trustees

Chair Nick Raftopoulos, Sub-district 6; Vice Chair Steve Campo, Sub-district 3;
Matthew Burke, Sub-district 4; Sean McPeak, Sub-disctrict 2; Mark Morton, Sub-district 5;
Jeanna Rose, Student Trustee; Dane Tippett, Sub-District 7; Tracy Vallett, Sub-district 1


Nick J. Mance

Foundation Board

Board Chair Mary Buettner; Board Vice Chair Sue Hoffmann
Finance Chair Matthew Gomric; Finance Vice Chair Samuel Hanger
Barbara Cempura; Jeanne Dalman; Stan Hatfield
Bob Novack; Christopher C. Schroeder

Ex-Officio Members

Chair Nick Raftopoulos – Chair, College Board of Trustees
Nick Mance – College President
Bernie Ysursa – College Chief Administrative Service Officer
Margot Middleton Holt – Foundation Treasurer
Rena Thoele – Foundation Executive Director

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