Graduation Submissions: HSE - Southwestern Illinois College

Congratulations SWIC HSE class of 2023

Southwestern Illinois College is so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you, too!

We would like to invite you to participate in our Virtual Graduation Announcements.

Important information on when and how to see your virtual announcement

When will I see my virtual announcement?

We will get to your request ASAP. In most cases your submission should go online within 24 hours however please allow up to 1 week from your submission.

If it has been a week and your submission is not online. Please check the rules and resubmit your announcement. In most cases the reason your submission is not online is due to image or video access. We will always use your most recent submission.

Note: Check to see if anyone else has been posted yet. If you find that no one has a link on their name yet we might not have started entering the data. Check back soon we are working hard to get your pages out.

How do I see my virtual announcement?

Go to the graduation hub, select your graduation page and select your name.

If you submitted a custom announcement and your name is not clickable we have either not processed your request or we are having issues getting to your submitted information. Check the submission guidelines and submit again if you do not see your announcement within 7 days.

My custom announcement is missing a photo or text??

If your announcement is missing a photo or text please make sure to check your shared links and make sure your URLs are public. Resubmit your request with the new URLs. Keep the URLs public until you see your custom announcement.

Did you select the website posting consent check boxes? If not please resubmit.

Will I get a page if I do not submit?

Your name on the Virtual Program page for your class will not have a link to a announcement page. If you would like a default announcement you can submit the form without any information to let us know you would like your custom page.

Virtual Graduation Announcements



Take a picture, upload it to your social media or cloud drive and send us the link. Feel free to send 2 options for us to choose from.



If you or your program would like a video submission please upload your video to YouTube or a cloud drive and send us the link. If your program has not asked you to provide a link and you still would like to, you are welcome to submit a link as well.

Submission Requirements

Important note:

* Please make sure to continue to social distance.

YOUR SUBMISSION URL MUST BE PUBLIC. If we cannot see your image, the submission will be automatically disqualified.

We will be reviewing all submissions to make sure they meet these guidelines. If a submission does not meet all requirements we may not use your submission; however, rest assured your name will be there.

  • Submission must be submitted by the graduate.
  • Images and video must be no more than 5MB in size and clearly show graduate as the primary focus.
  • Please keep your submission family-friendly. No swearing. No mention of violence, drugs, or abusive material. Please wear modest clothing and make sure the background of your scene is clear of any inappropriate items.
  • Submission must maintain social distancing requirements.
  • If you are not the only person involved, you must have permission from all participants to post.
  • Dangerous stunts are not allowed.
  • Do not attempt anything beyond your skill set.
  • Make sure not to use images or video that might be copyrighted. You must own all rights to the art, video or photos in the submission.
  • YOUR SUBMISSION URL MUST BE PUBLIC. If we can not see your image the entry will be automatically disqualified.
  • Please be safe.

Graduation Submissions: HSE

  • Please feel free to include a short statement.

    We will be reviewing all content submitted before using any of the submissions. If the image, video or text does not meet the standards we have set we may not use your submission.